Discover Europe's cologne city

Discover Europe's cologne city

The gigantic parks in the city centers, the bicycle paths where the cars do not harass the floods, the world cuisines rich in vegetables from the flesh; Is it the people who enjoy everything in their jobs, sports, social life, etc? We are quite lacking, but there are many things that are wonderfully done; It does not end with words!
Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany and the oldest of its kind, was founded about 2,000 years ago as a Roman colony and its name is from the 'colony' here. The English name (cologne) means cologne, the heart of Cologne, the industrial of Germany; Technology, media and cultural center.
All the places to visit in the city are almost within walking distance, besides the metro system is very useful. The most social areas of the city are the parks that draw the Rhine as a bow and you can walk from foot to foot. As in other European cities, the most important means of transportation in Cologne is cycling. It has bicycle paths that wrap around the city and dare not even take steps. Parks; Picnickers, dog-walkers and sportsmen. Except for certain places in the city, the shops, restaurants and cafes in the center are closing early and closed on Sundays.
The most important structure of the city is the Cologne Cathedral with double-tower Gothic style completed in 632 years. The 7,000-square-meter area, the church on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list with a height of 157 meters; It is the second largest church in Germany and the third largest church in the world. It is a great excitement to get out of the stairs and watch the city in the church, which can be seen from almost everywhere in the city.
Listening to the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra (KölnerPhilharmonie) is a memorable concert memorial to the massive outpost of the church next to the church. The old town near the church (Altstadt) is also a place where old houses, streets and people drift into the old town.
After the Altstadt you can walk over the Hohenzollernbrücke (the locked bridge), which has rail and pedestrian trails, and pass to the other side of the city. This is a great place to watch especially the sunset. Both sides of the bridge are great places to spend time on the coastal parks, to walk, to join the city's social life. Coffee and beer in Germany are indispensable for everyday life and are the best accompaniments to take a break and enjoy the city's travels.
Friedens Park, Volksgarten Park, Hiroshima Nagasaki Park and Media Park where the huge variety of trees that surround the town center like a bow are the social areas that can be walked after the president all day long.
There is a Chocolate Museum (SchokoladenMuseum) where the Odor Museum (Duftmuseum) and those who love to visit different museums can choose it in the city where the smell production is very old. In these museums, there are places where you can buy their products while products are exhibited on a historic journey.

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