*British Airways

The free baggage allowance for British Airways passengers is set at 23 kilograms, the only suitcase in Europe. For the limit of the weight of the baggage we pay 35 pounds from 23 to 32 kilograms.

*China Southern

The weight limit for free cabin baggage of China Southern passengers is set at 5 kilograms. First Class passengers can take two separate cabin baggage that does not exceed 5 kilos.

*Singapore Airlines

Your Singapore Airlines passenger's free baggage limit is set at 23 kilograms. For every kilogram above the limit, you will be charged a fee of $ 10-20.

*Qatar Airways

If you are a member of the first class, the baggage you handed over at check-in must not exceed 32 kilograms

*Air Canada

Air Canada passengers' baggage allowance varies by destination and ticket class. Generally, a baggage limit of 23 kilograms per person has been set.

*Korean Air

Korean Air has free cabin and under-flight luggage. Your free cabin baggage; First and Prestige class ticket is 2 for each luggage should not exceed 18 kilos. This is the right for economy class tickets; Limited to 1 baggage and 12 kilos


If you are traveling Alitalia Airlines your hand luggage limit is 8 kilograms. The weight of your baggage should be between 23 and 32 pounds. Of course you will be charged an extra fee for your baggage exceeding 23 kg. In addition, Alitalia passengers can also charge a fee for instruments and sporting goods.


Etihad passengers have a special baggage application on flights from Etihad to Brazil or Sao Paulo. In the three-cabin class, two luggage up to 32 pounds each are considered free of charge. You may even have an additional baggage of 32 kilograms. But for this extra $ 175, you will be charged.

*Aegean Airlines

Baggage handling rules of Aegean Airlines passengers vary according to flight class. Economy class passengers have the right to carry a single 23 kg baggage. Business Class passengers can carry two pieces of luggage with a weight limit of 32 kg.


Swiss passengers are sleeping in Economy Class and free cabin baggage is only one piece 8 kilos. In other classes, this baggage limit is set in two pieces. Check-in baggage is limited to one piece and 23 kilograms in economy class tickets, 2 pieces in business class and 3 pieces in first class and 72 kilograms in total.

*United Airlines

For United Airlines passengers, there is a piece of hand baggage, which measures 114 cm in total, and the right to carry one personal bag. United Airlines's Economy Class passengers are entitled to carry 2 pieces of free luggage each of 23 and business class passengers of 32 kg each.

*TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal passengers should not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm of cabin baggage and must not exceed the 8 kg limit. Business class passengers are entitled to two hand luggage that do not exceed 16 kilos in total.

*Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines passengers have a free baggage allowance that does not exceed the 32 kilo-kilometer limit. In addition, you are entitled to a free cabin baggage of 55x40x23 cm and not exceeding 8 kg. Business class passengers have two 8-pound hand luggage.


Delta Airlines passengers can take a handbag and a personal belonging beside the cabin baggage. Measured 56 x 36 x 23 cm for cabin baggage. The limit for free baggage is set at 23 kg. When you go outside the limit, you get $ 55- $ 23-32 pounds and $ 150 for suitcases.

*Air Astana

30 for business class passengers and 20 pounds for economy class passengers. Only Air Astana's special permission is required for your suitcase which is 158 cm in total and exceeds 32 kilos.


Cityhopper and KLM Boeing 737 planes may require you to hand-bag your cargo from a restricted-stay residential area. Of course this is a possibility ... KLM passengers are required to fly Economy Class flights for 1 baggage of 12 kilos, Business flights must not exceed 18 kilos.

*Air France

Your free cabin baggage, your free baggage allowance and the extra baggage you have to give vary depending on your destination and flight class. For Air France passengers, the only European suitcase is 23 kilograms; 23-32 weight from 55 euros, 100 euros per suitcase is determined.


Cabin baggage for Emirates passengers varies according to travel class. Your free baggage allowance at Emirates also varies according to class. You have 30 luggage in Economy Class, 40 luggage in Business Class and 50 kilograms in First Class. If you are an Emirates Skywards Platinum, Gold or Silver member, it is possible to have additional baggage ...

*Ukraine International

Economy Class passengers are entitled to 1 baggage not exceeding 23 kilos, while Premium Economy class passengers are entitled to 2 baggage not exceeding 23 kilos.

*Kuwait Airways

Baggage allowance for Kuwait Airways passengers varies according to fli

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